Artists and innovators to bring their ideas to life

“CAPE TOWN, 21 August 2016 – Artists and innovators are being given a chance to bring their ideas to life. It can all be done for free at a 3D printing lab in Cape Town.”

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Source: eNCA

Life of former Pollsmoor Prison inmate hits the big screen

“CAPE TOWN– An audience at a special screening at Pollsmoor was brought to tears by big screen images of the tale about life inside the maximum security prison. The story, scripted by the former prison inmate, also details his life on the Cape Flats.”

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** I loved this movie and think everyone should see it. Beautifully written, masterfully directed and the actors were brilliant in their roles.

Source: eNCA

Great Whites on sharp decline

“CAPE TOWN – Fewer than 500 great white sharks remain along South Africa’s coastline.

Stellenbosch University researchers say the apex predators face possible extinction.

Using genetic and photographic methods, researchers have tracked down the entire population — and they are worried about the low numbers.

Poaching, pollution and excessive use of shark nets in public waters have been cited as leading contributors.

Shark jaws and fins are sold for millions of rands, and researchers say protection, increased regulation and fewer nets would benefit the species.

“Our white sharks are in danger, there are very few left. So we’re trying very hard to get the nets out of the ocean,” said Stellenbosch University professor Conrad Matthee.

“But it’s a complicated issue because the nets also provide a false sense of security towards humans – they think because there are nets there won’t be shark attacks, therefore the tourism industry is booming.”

Without the predators in our waters, the entire ocean eco-system could fall off kilter.”

Source: eNCA

Unemployment key election issue in De Aar

DE AAR – With the local government elections around the corner, people around the country are becoming more vocal about what they want in their communities.

Residents in the Northern Cape town of De Aar say while they are desperate for basic services, job creation is more important.

People in the small town say if they had jobs, they would be able to afford services like electricity.

Some say they haven’t made a cent in years.

And those who have managed to open businesses, say it’s a struggle to stay open.

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Orania guards its independence

“ORANIA – Determined to maintain their independence, the people of Orania will not be taking part in the local elections.

There are no posters lining the streets and campaign cars aren’t making the rounds.

The people of Orania say their enclave is about responsible self-governance.

In existence for 25 years, Orania’s population has seen steady growth. It is now home to 450 families.

Orania Movement leader, Carel Boshoff said while some things attract people to Orania, other things push people away.

“Living with like-minded people, speaking your language, understanding your traditions and your culture – those are factors pulling people towards Orania but there are unfortunately also factors that push people to Orania like joblessness as a result of affirmative action or radical lack of safety,” said Boshoff.

Even the currency is different.

The Ora is used to keep money circulating within the town.

“Very many rural communities or even townships close to larger towns stay very poor because all the money seems to flow out of it, going to products and services that are not produced locally… People need to deliver services to each other and products to each other,” he said.

The economy in Orania relies on the export of pecan nuts, maize and wheat.

Tourism is also a large contributor.

The Afrikaner town falls within the Thembelihle Municipality, currently run by a former ANC mayor who now is an EFF member.

But the party that wins the municipality will have almost no say over what happens in Orania.”

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Source: eNCA

UCT sets up sexual assault response team

“CAPE TOWN – Students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) claim internal processes to address sexual violence on campus, are failing them.

“We’re definitely looking into just approaching the Gender Commission and the Human Rights Commission and looking into an outside and external body actually investigating what is happening on this campus,” said Dela Gwala from UCT Survivors.

Survivors have been urged to share their stories at recent demonstrations.

A Sexual Assault Response Team has been set up to deal with demands made by protestors and issues of sexual violence on campus.

The university says it’s reviewing several policies but warns that meeting some demands may have legal ramifications.”

**One of the first stories I pitched and covered was the UCT nude protests in solidarity with similar protests against sexual violence and harassment at SA universities. Very important issue that I will continue to follow up on.


Fairy tales for little girls whose identities are all too often marginalised

“CAPE TOWN 25 June 2016 – Twenty five year old actress and now author, Buhle Ngaba has written a children’s book aimed at empowering young black girls. Copies of “The Girl Without a Sound” will be available in bookstores next month.”

I really enjoyed my interview with Buhle, she is the personification of #blackgirlmagic and I will enjoy watching her star burn even brighter in months and years to come.

Source: eNCA