The Newsroom 7.5

CHEEEESE: Team Vuvu with her royal majesty (well to me), Ferial Haffajee :) Photo: Kenichi Serino
CHEEEESE: Team Vuvu with her royal majesty (well to me), Ferial Haffajee 🙂 Photo: Kenichi Serino

Another Sunday another blog post.

The past two weeks might have been the longest two weeks I’ve ever had in my whole life and the back to back 12 page editions of the Vuvuzela have everything to do with that.

On Monday we had a bit of a false start in the newsroom. Right after our guest lecture the lights decided to go off in our whole building. So we all went off to lunch hoping it would be back by the time we got back – no such luck. Naturally we all buggered off home.  Well not all of us, I went off take photos at a soccer match on campus – which proved to be a colossal waste of my time and space on my memory card… There’s always a next time right?

Things started to look up the following day when we had an awesome guest lecture on feature writing by Aspasia Karras, editor of Marie Claire SA. One of the few magazines I even bother to read anymore. She gave us valuable insights into feature writing and ultimately made the whole process seem rather enjoyable.

The day before Aspasia came in, Nechama Brodie had told us that we are merely “the vessels that the shit flows through”, to emphasise that the feature is never about the writer. But Aspasia told us that for our features to mean something it would have to be about something that matters to us as writers, she encouraged us to write about things we are passionate about. She said we should always ask ‘who the fuck cares’ and if we don’t, then no one else would.

Then on Wednesday we had the best guest speaker ever – Ferial Haffajee. Yes, thee Ferial Haffajee, editor of the City Press. In our very midst. Her lecture was legit the best we’ve had, or let me rather say the best I have had. She started us off with a general knowledge quiz – which made me realise how little I know about what’s going on in the world. We all know a bit of this and a bit of that but it was obvious that things like the economy and finance were not on our radar (something which needs to change). Anyway our lesson with Ferial was constructive and practical.

The rest of the week was spent chasing stories and photos and painfully putting a 12 page paper together. It was much tougher this time round but even so we managed to deliver closer to deadline than the previous week.

Another week of inanity and 5 hour sleeps await, ciao**

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