CT owes contractor R51 million

Cape Town, May 15, 2019 – Cape Town owes a whopping R51-million to a private contractor for a desalination project. Quality Filtration Systems, which runs the V&A Waterfront plant, is now taking the City to court. Not only has the City been refusing to pay, it’s also not using the water produced at the plant. The contractor believes the City is trying to force it to close down.

Affordable counselling in Cape Town

Cape Town, 22 March, 2019 – Seeking services in South Africa is often a costly and stigma-ridden exercise. The Counselling Hub in Cape Town is trying to change that, by making therapy a lot more affordable. Watch full story below:

Climate kids fight climate change

Cape Town, March 19, 2019 – South African teenagers have joined thousands across the world in a coordinated strike against climate change. Dubbed the “climate kids”, they believe governments have dropped the ball in addressing this challenge. They say together they can begin to educate people and encourage change. 

Still waiting for power

Cape Town, March 13, 2019 – The lights are on for some, but others are still having to make do with candles and paraffin lamps. We visited an area called The Hague in Delft, Cape Town, where RDP recipients have been without electricity since they moved in last year. And the slow rollout is a matter of life and death for some.


Cape Town | Safe driving campaign

Cape Town, December 14 2018 – With the long weekend beginning and the festive season in full swing, travelers are making their way to various destinations. Law enforcers are hard at work monitoring compliance on the road, to ensure the safety of motorists. Travelers are making their way in and out of the mother city. To give us an update on that we are joined by eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa live from Cape Town.

Cape Town’s city council will unlock prime pieces of land for mixed-income housing

Cape Town, December 13 2018 – A landmark decision by Cape Town’s city council will unlock prime pieces of land for mixed-income housing. The Salt River Circle site will see middle and upper-income households subsidising those with lower incomes. There were fears the deal would fall through the cracks, as those responsible for the project had resigned and left the DA-led council. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa reports. Courtesy #DStv403

Cape Town’s anti-gang and drug unit reintroduced

Cape Town, October 11, 2018 – It’s been 15 years since Cape Town’s anti-gang and drug unit was disbanded. Since then, officials say crime has escalated to unprecedented levels. But, all of that is about to change – the unit is being re-introduced next month, to assist with the gang crisis. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa has the story.