About me

I am currently a masters student at the University of Sussex. I’m doing Digital Documentary in the hopes of using what I learn to produce beautiful, long-form visual and sonic stories.

Before this, I worked as a TV reporter at eNCA in Cape Town. Some of the work I did in my time there can be viewed on this blog.

I have had two stints at international news agencies, namely at Reuters as a Junior/Associate Producer and before that a  Video Journalist at Agence France-Presse.

I started out as a print journalist at a daily newspaper, The Citizen and before that, at a community newspaper, Wits Vuvuzela while attaining my Honours in Journalism degree. My journalistic skills and abilities are varied and include news writing, photography, videography and design amongst others.

Along with writing, I enjoy reading, binge-watching series and live music.

Email: pheladisethusa@gmail.com or pheladi.sethusa@enca.com

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Articles on:  The CitizenWits VuvuzelaexPress imPress and Live Mag

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