No April fools as SA reacts to VAT increase

Cape Town, 1 April, 2018 – The recent VAT increase will take its toll on low-income households, which often use most of their money on consumable goods.

Unions and NGOs say the planned review of zero-rated goods is necessary to offset the financial burden of the increase.

There are 19 basic food items that are not affected by the VAT increase.

They include brown bread, milk powder, maize meal and vegetable oil.

This list is meant to be a way of reducing the VAT burden on low-income consumers. Watch full story below.


Teaser: Photojourn prac

Had my first shoot on Friday for one of my assignments for photojournalism.

It was really fun and have put up a few images that I liked in my personal capacity on my photo blog: Below are two teasers, follow the blog link or more 🙂

 SN Portrait_0207

SN Portrait_0301