11 Thoughts I Have About ‘Scandal’

Hahaha! Liked this

Thought Catalog

1. My all-time favorite quote from the show, “Everyone is a good guy to someone, it just depends on your point of view…” is a true but terrifying statement. So even murderers, terrorists, etc. they’re all good guys to someone. Yeah…

2. Olivia Pope is a fixer. Is that an actual job? And if it is, how do I get it?

3. From now on, when someone asks, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I’ll say, “Firstly, I’d like to have a team of Gladiators. Secondly, to be in any kind of environment that will require me to say, ‘SHUT THIS DOWN!’ at least once a month.”

4. This show is giving side-chicks hope. Let me enlighten all you side-chicks out there: You are not Olivia Pope and in reality, the side-chick will probably remain the side-chick. So please, fall back. (I genuinely cackled while writing, “fall back.”)

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