Keep calm and carry on

This hangs in my room and gave me the kick I needed when I woke up.
This hangs in my room and gave me the kick I needed when I woke up.

Yes, yes we all know and have come to hate that infamous meme. But whatever your feelings are that statement remains practical and true.

I had a bit of a freak out yesterday when I realised that things weren’t looking so great for my in-depth work.

Today was a lot different. I told myself that I would do better, try harder and just not give up on myself. When I got to the department I lined up all the people I had to talk to, made a list of things to do, read more and just carried on.

A classmate of mine who was off sick last week said it best when she said “there’s really no point in freaking out, I’ll just do my best with the time I have left.”

Even though the two trips I made today weren’t super helpful they weren’t a complete waste. I saw photo opportunity ideas run across my mind, found a few more words to add to my feature and I suppose just made the best of it. I even found new contacts who are willing to help me out so that’s always a plus.

Today was great because I willed it to be. Tomorrow will be better because I’ve planned for it to be.

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