#teamvuvu: Thuletho Zwane

The Pig's mayor in the house.
The Pig’s mayor in the house.

Thule [with an “e”, not to be confused with Thuli with an “i”] was one of the older women in the class, reppin’ the senior citizen’s wing [other members being Funi and Emelia]. She was the mayor of the Pig and [unsurprisingly] did this interview while at her fave watering hole.

Me: How would you describe your outfit today?

Thule: I’m wearing white wedges, a white dress and shades. I’m dressed for this hot, summer weather.

Me: How would you describe your style in general?

Thule: Laid back, relaxed and no fuss. When I have to fuss, red lips do the trick.

Me: Now that we’ve broken the ice, are you sure about this journalism thing?

Thule: Very [Probably even more so, now that she’s an award winning journalist ;)]

Me: That said, if you weren’t doing what you doing this, what would you be doing?

Thule: By this do you mean answering these questions or studying Journalism? If I wasn’t answering these questions right now, I would be drinking my wine without any interruptions. But if ‘by this’ you mean studying Journalism, I would be an economist.

Me: How have you found your honours year?

Thule: Fun. I’ve explored ideas and places I would have never explored like Kitcheners Comedy Nights on Tuesdays, Melville, Orlando East and West. [This answer :”D]

Me: What’s been the most challenging thing and the most rewarding thing for you this year?

Thule: Waking up on Fridays, being scolded by the VC,  reporting on Wits issues and the media – these were the most challenging things this year.


The most rewarding things were waking up on Fridays to attend Anton Harber’s classes and being scolded by the VC for reporting on Wits issues and the media [hahahahaha, oh the irony].

Me: Where will you be next year and what will you be doing?

Thule: I’ll be at City Press next year, doing journalism kinds of stuff like being a journalist and doing what journalists do. Hopefully wearing shoes is part of that [I fear the wine drinking may have begun shortly after question 3]

Me: How would you describe #teamvuvu in three words?

Thule: Loud, loud and great.

Me: A word of advice for the incoming team for 2014?

Thule: Be loud, loud and great.


Quickfire Q & A


[Unfortunately I’m experiencing some technical difficulties, my sound refuses to convert and some of it is MIA. So we’ll give multimedia a skip this time around.]


Me: Who is your favourite author/writer?

Thule: James Ngugi [aka Ngugi wa Thiong’o]

Me: Who is your favourite musician/band?

Thule: Esperanza Spalding [winning]

Me: Your favourite place to eat and thing to eat at that place?

Thule: Since starting this course, the Pig. I love their chicken schnitzel and salad for R26 [bargain].

Me: What do you like to do when no one is watching?

Thule: I think…

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