Thirty days of creative fervour

It was a random Tuesday, the 16th of January to be precise. I was scrolling on my IG timeline when I bumped into a post on New Comma’s page about a creative challenge, in which participants would have to create something, anything, based off of a daily prompt for 30 days. I immediately shared the post and typed in ‘let’s’, and then proceeded to do just that.

For thirty days, my days were filled with turning over a single word or phrase, looking to my immediate surroundings but mostly inside myself for the ‘thing’ I could create that day. Some days were harder than others, with what I considered a ‘boring’ idea only come to me mere hours before the midnight deadline. But some days I could write something, take a photo or shoot and edit a video within hours of seeing the daily prompt. From ‘Play for keeps’ to ‘Jaws of life’ the people from The Rule of Thirds Podcast sure did keep us on our toes.

I would say my favourite part of the process was how intentional I became about carving out to time in my day to plan and execute whatever came to mind; and the knowledge that everything I did end up posting was a first draft that was just given a little love. I hope to carry the patience, confidence and capacity to create doing this challenge has left me with. The daily pressure sometimes drove me to the corner of Give Up and This is Too Hard but so proud of myself for moving through those moments.

Most of my submissions are in the slideshow below, videos excluded because I don’t have a premium account and cannot share the originals as my account is private (let me add that having a public account again was a nightmare – spent half the time blocking porn and Bitcoin accounts).

Special shout out to my girls Premiere Pro and Rush, Photoshop, Audition, VSCO, Canva and the Notes App for making all of this stuff with me 🙂

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