Cape Town bus services increase fares

Cape Town, January 11 2019 – Golden Arrow Bus Services are set to hike fare prices by a whopping 9.5 percent this month. They say the increase is to offset the numerous petrol hikes experienced in the last few months.


NCOP adopts electoral laws amendment bill

Cape Town, January 10 2019 – The National Council of Provinces has passed the Electoral Laws Amendment Bill, with 65 MPs supporting it and no abstentions. The bill makes it illegal for public funds to be used for political campaigning. Courtesy #Dstv403

Langa High’s Quick Turnaround

Cape Town, January 8, 2019 – Langa High School in Cape Town, is proof that other underperforming schools can be turned around. It took just six months to improve its matric pass rate. All thanks to a partnership between donors and the department of education. And from nearly closing down, the school now boasts a 78 percent matric pass rate. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa has the story. Courtesy #DStv403

Bo-kaap residents fight on

Cape Town, December 18 2018 – The David and Goliath battle rages on, between Bo-Kaap residents and developers Blok. The community is objecting to the construction of luxury apartments in their neighbourhood. And now they’ve gone even further. They say the sale of the land is invalid, and the public participation process was inadequate. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa has the details. Courtesy #DStv403 #eNCANow 

Cape Town | Safe driving campaign

Cape Town, December 14 2018 – With the long weekend beginning and the festive season in full swing, travelers are making their way to various destinations. Law enforcers are hard at work monitoring compliance on the road, to ensure the safety of motorists. Travelers are making their way in and out of the mother city. To give us an update on that we are joined by eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa live from Cape Town.

Cape Town’s city council will unlock prime pieces of land for mixed-income housing

Cape Town, December 13 2018 – A landmark decision by Cape Town’s city council will unlock prime pieces of land for mixed-income housing. The Salt River Circle site will see middle and upper-income households subsidising those with lower incomes. There were fears the deal would fall through the cracks, as those responsible for the project had resigned and left the DA-led council. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa reports. Courtesy #DStv403

Blok Bo-Kaap case postponed

Cape Town, December 6 2018 – The case involving property developer Blok and Bo-Kaap residents has been delayed. The developer is looking to interdict protesting residents, who have in recent weeks blocked construction cranes from entering their community. They say they want to see an end to the unchecked gentrification in what should be a heritage area.

Turning things around at NSFAS is going to take some doing

Cape Town, December 4, 2018 – Turning things around at NSFAS is going to take some doing. The bursary and loan scheme was placed under administration back in August, in order to address the state of its finances and how it was run. But NSFAS bosses don’t have time on their side. There are already 400-thousand applications in, that they have to deal with. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa reports. Courtesy #DStv403

What’s in a name?

Cape Town, November27, 2018 – The South African Police Union says it doesn’t want the anti-gang unit shutdown, but it has serious reservations. It says it wasn’t consulted when the unit was established. The union is also taking issue with calling it the anti-gang unit, when it is in fact operating like a task force. eNCA’s Pheladi Sethusa unpacks the technicalities. Courtesy #DStv403